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We have three 6 month old Anatolian Shepherd herd guardians for sale.

Contact us directly for details.

CAE Prevention Program - DHIA - Linear Appraisal - ADGA Registered

Thank you for your interest in BAR-4L-TEJAS LaManchas. 

Our kids are separated at birth & remain separated from the does, dry yearlings, & bucks. The kids are raised on heat-treated  colostrum & pasteurized goat milk. They receive their Tetanus, C&D, BO-SE, & are wormed  regularly. Our herd has been on continuous DHIR test  since 1996 & we Linear appraise yearly.

We require a deposit of $75.00 to reserve a kid. If the kid of your choice is not born, you may transfer your deposit to another choice, or have it refunded.  We will not sell kids that do not meet our  standards. Travel health papers are $20.00-CAE, TB and Brucellosis testing are additional charges. American  Airlines ‘Priority Parcel flies out of our local airport. Payment in full is due prior to shipment. The airfare & crate are the responsibility of the buyer . Our kids are priced from $175 to $500. Check our website for the updated Kid page for availability as does freshen.

  If you are interested in receiving our sales list please e-mail us at  kim@bar4ltejas.com and be sure to include your mailing address. 

Larry & Kimmye Lyford & Family

4784 Turkey Ranch Rd. Wichita Falls, TX  76310

Phone: 940-691-3559    E-mail:  kim@bar4ltejas.com


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